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Used Furniture & Household Goods Consignment Store in Victoria, BC

Antique Goods, Used Clothing, Jewelry, Shoes & more!

We have customers visiting our Second Hand Store from across Victoria, Nanaimo, and the Greater Vancouver Area.

We Buy / Sell and Consign quality household goods Since 1975. Please call or email us to inquire about the items that you would like to bring in. All Artwork and furniture are on a pre-approval due to space and or seasonality. Please e-mail photos so we can confirm and pre-approve.

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What We Accept At Our Consignment Shop

  • High-end Brands /Shoes / Purses & Clothing
  • Hiking Gear
  • Antiques & Retro Items
  • Small Furniture, Jewelry, Watches & Sunglasses
  • Binoculars & Better Cameras
  • High-End Crystal Stemware (Wine/Beer/Cocktails)
  • Native Carving And Paintings
  • Gold/ Sterling Items & Coins
  • Good Condition Indoor/Outdoor Carpets & more



For the safety of all we are working hard and making sure we provide a safe work environment and safe place to shop for our customers.

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Love this shop. Barbara is great at what she does. Her shop is a Pandora's box of useful, eclectic and beautiful things. You never know what you'll bring home. Drop in even if you don't need anything. There is always something to catch your eye. Something you've been watching for, just the perfect gift, or a whimsy for yourself.

Lisa Allan


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