Victoria Consignment Shop


Due to Safety Protocol processes have changed to minimize in person contact.Once pandemic is over we will be able to somewhat return to our regular process of accepting goods.

New ways to Consign:

1- Drop-off:

*Once you have your Artwork & Furniture ready and pre-approved, you will need to Call 250-385-2523 or Email: ;lettings us know how many Boxes, Bags and loose items you are bringing. 

*We will then Call you or Email you to give you a Drop-off Number that you will use to label your Boxes, Bags and loose items. Please do not write directly on your items, use masking tape if you have it. Bring your items anytime we are open. Check our website: for daily operating hours.

*Please remember when you Drop off, any item that is not sellable will automatically donated to a local charity. We will be making exceptions and keeping items for you to take back if not sellable. It will need to be requested at the time of drop off. Once items are on a contract we will email you a copy. Customers that can not receive Emails can have a copy of their contract mail to them for a fee, or stop by the store and pay .25 cents.

2 - Make an appointment: Only accepted for specialty and high-end items.

Receiving Payment:

To minimize in person contact, you will need to contact Superchance via phone or Email to request payment in advance and prior to coming to the store. Please allow time for processing, as it will be high volume of request initially after re-opening. We will contact you as soon as your payment is ready for pick up. Please allow for ample time to wait in line as we have limited amount of people allowed in the store.

Contract terms:

Items are left at your own risk. You will receive 1 payment after the initial 60 days of your contract. Your amount is 50% from the selling price. We reserve the right to markdown your items with the best interest of selling the goods. Contracts run for 60 days. You must collect your items, within 2 weeks of the 60-day period. All items unclaimed will be donated or become part of the store revenue. Money owing on contracts will be available for 180 days OR the amount of time extra due to unforeseen store temporary closures.