Super Chance

Serving the Community Since 1975 Consigning Quality Household Goods

Items That We Accept

Super Chance is a consignment store for HOUSEHOLD GOODS. 

This includes the following items:

table linens bedding draperies small electrical appliances 

kitchen items pottery china glassware

figures antiques collectibles and much more…

* Furniture must be pre approved, please email photos to

Feel free to ask about items you would like to bring in. You may also refer to the CURRENTLY NOT ACCEPTING list for more information.

All items must be clean and in working condition. A disposal surcharge may apply for items not in usable/working condition.

Bringing In Your Items For Consignment

There are two ways to consign items:

1) Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday 9:30 – 5:30 

You may choose to “DROP OFF” your items for the appraiser to assess.

With this option you will receive a detailed list of consigned items and prices. Items that we are not able to accept will be automatically donated to St. Vincent de Paul and Mustard Seed. Items unfit for donation will be subject to the previously mentioned disposal fee.

2) Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday 10am -12noon  and  1pm-4pm

You may choose to “SIT IN” with the appraiser. With this option you are present while your items are being priced, and anything that we are not able to accept you may take back with you.

As the consignor you receive 50% of the selling price. To begin a consignment contract we require a minimum of 4 items that are sellable at our minimum price of $5.00 retail. Contracts last for a one-month term and any unsold items not claimed within 3 days of your expiry date may be donated or marked down in price without further notice. All items are left at the owner’s risk. While doing our very best to combat theft and breakage sometimes incidences unfortunately do occur.

Receiving Payment For Items You Consign

At the end of one month we will pay you for the items that have sold. It is also at this point that you decide what to do with any items that may be remaining. 

You have 3 options available for unsold goods:

1) take the item back home with you. YOU MUST PERSONALLY COLLECT YOUR ITEMS

2) leave the item to be marked down - reduced in price by half. Price reductions extend your contract for a second term of one month. 

3) leave the item to be donated to St. Vincent de Paul and Mustard Seed. Please note donations are done in bulk after your contract has expired. You may bring your contract in a month after its last expiration to collect on sales that occur before donation.

It is crucial for you to have PHOTO I.D. at the time of payout.

Money owing from any sold items will be available to you for 180 DAYS from your expiry date.

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